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Is your Fire Department going to be selling a Used Fire Truck in the next couple of years? 

 When your Fire Department is planning on buying a brand new fire apparatus or even a used fire apparatus, it is important to remember that other Fire Departments are planning their used apparatus purchases also.  The best way to make sure your Fire Department gets the most for it's surplus used fire trucks is by letting Company Two Fire list them for FREE!  The more time in advance that you let us advertise your used fire apparatus, the greater your chances of us finding a buyer by the time your new apparatus is delivered!  When should you call Company Two Fire?  You should call us today if you know that your surplus used fire truck is going to be released now or in the next 6-18 months.  Don't wait, it's FREE to list your used fire apparatus and the more time we advertise your used apparatus the  better.  Call us today!  866-289-6188   

A Global supplier of Used Fire Apparatus.

Our used fire trucks for sale are some of the nations finest used fire apparatus. We are a leading global supplier of used fire apparatus including pumper used fire trucks , tanker used fire  trucks , rescue used fire trucks , aerial used fire trucks , ARFF used trucks , miscellaneous used fire apparatus , fire equipment and used fire truck body's for sale.

No matter what type of used fire truck you are looking for, we will help you find it. Buy, sell, trade, and finance your fire departments used fire truck and used apparatus with the help of our experienced team.

Want to stay up to date on Used Fire Trucks for sale?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news and information on incoming inventory and new listings, as well as information on upcoming shows and events.  All trucks are subject to prior sale.  

Considering to purchase or lease an ARFF Unit?

Company Two Fire & Crash Truck Services is the only "used ARFF sales - service & remanufacturing" facility in the USA to offer complete ARFF testing all at one location. 

Our facility includes a 3600ft runway for speed & brake testing that no one else can offer. 

Your department needs to be able to operate & test your truck prior to making any decision!

Snozzle removal replaced with an Akron
tuck away nozzle!
Used ARFF Trucks

Used ARFF Trucks
Check out the modification to one of our E-One ARFF's with Snozzle.  The Snozzle was removed and replaced with an Electric Akron-Tuck-Away nozzle.  This modification reduces friction loss and will allow an additional 85 to 100 ft of reach over the original Snozzle.  Give us a call today to speak with one of our technicians about modifying your current ARFF or one of ours!


  • SALES - Company Two Fire has the largest inventory of ARFF units in the industry.  Click HERE for ARFF inventory.
  • PURCHASE - Company Two Fire will offer your department top dollar for your existing ARFF unit.  We can also contract a purchase price NOW for a future sales date of up to three years on your truck!
  • DISCOUNT BROKER   We have a dedicated discount brokerage team to help you sell your truck hassle free!  Click HERE for Discount Broker info.
  • REFURBISH or REMANUFACTURE - Add years of service life to your existing ARFF truck!  Crash Truck Services can refurb or reman your ARFF truck back to OEM standards while at the same time adding any custom upgrades per your request.  Click HERE for Video of Remanufacture.  
  • LEASING/RENTAL - Company Two Fire leases our complete inventory of ARFF trucks (subject to availability).  Click HERE for ARFF inventory.  
  • INSPECTIONS / SERVICE - We perform ARFF inspections & ARFF services at your location or ours.  Performing  scheduled maintenance on your ARFF unit will allow it to operate more cost  effectively in the long run. 

Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Trucks are specialty units that require specific service work and training.  We specialize in E-One ARFF trucks, but that's not all!   Click here to check out our ARFF truck inventory.   HPR ARFF trucks, 4x4 ARFF trucks, 6x6 ARFF trucks and even Oshkosh P-19 ARFF trucks!  We buy, sell, and lease these ARFF trucks.  We also do custom upgrades, PM service, and repairs to ARFF trucks.  Give Crash Truck Services at Company Two Fire  a call today for all your ARFF truck needs. 
Used ARFF Trucks Lease 

Used ARFF Trucks For Sale

New ARFF Remanufacture Project

1995 (2012 Re-Man) E-One Titan 4x4 ARFF
Truck was in roll over and is being Remanufactured at this time.  540 Hp 8v92 Detroit,1250 GPM Waterous Pump, 1500 Gal Poly, 200 Gal Foam, 500lbs Dry Chem, Booster Reel, Winterization System.

Pictured:  Truck before disassembly and picture of projected finished re-man.

 Used ARFF Trucks For Sale

Used ARFF Truck Lease



 Used Fire Trucks For Sale

 Used Fire Trucks For Sale


Used Fire Trucks

Used Fire Trucks For Sale

1993 HME 4x4 Pumper

This used fire truck for sale is available now.  This used fire apparatus is a 1993 HME 4x4 Pumper.  This used fire truck has a 1500 gpm Hale side mount with a 750 gal poly tank and 30 gl foam tank.  A 450 hp Detroit Diesel Engine with 58K Miles and an Allison automatic trans.  This used fire truck for sale comes with a deck gun, ground ladders, booster reel and generator.   This used fire apparatus is available now and has a current pump certification.  This used fire truck is in excellent condition!  Call (866) 289-6188 for details.

1990 (2011 Refurb) Spartan Rescue

This used fire truck for sale is available now and in excellent condition.  Crane images have been photoshopped to show what the truck would look like painted black.  This used rescue is a 1990 (2011 Refurb) Spartan Heavy Rescue Crane.  This used fire apparatus has a 55ft Boom for rescue applications, Hydraulic Generator with Telescoping Light Tower,  400 hp Detroit diesel engine and an Allison auto trans.  Call (866) 289-6188 for details.

 Used Fire Apparatus For Sale

 Used Fire Apparatus For Sale

Used Fire Trucks

Used Fire Trucks

2003 F550 Phoenix Quad Agent Quick Attack

This used ARFF truck for sale is available now.  This used ARFF truck is a 2003 F550 Phoenix Quad Agent Quick Attack.  This used fire truck has a 325hp Ford diesel engine with 11K miles on it, automatic trans, 100 gl water tank, 60 gpm comp/pump, 500lbs of dry chem, 70lbs of Halotron, and a 100ft Tri-Agent handline.  Truck is in mint condition.  Truck comes ARFF certified and ready for service!   Call (866) 289-6188 for details.


This used ARFF truck for sale is available now!  This used ARFF truck is a 1998 Oshkosh TI-1500 ARFF with an independent suspension.  Truck has a 585 hp Detroit diesel and Allison auto trans.  Truck has a 1500 gpm pump and a 1500 gal. poly tank with a 210 gal poly foam tank.  Truck has a 10kw generator and comes ARFF certified ready for service!  Call (866) 289-6188 for details. 

"Not your typical used fire trucks."
As quoted from owner Quincy Jones:  "You get what you pay for."

There are lots of used fire trucks for sale, many of which should be retired before they give "used fire trucks" a bad name.  But the used fire trucks in Company Two's inventory are late model trucks in very good condition with many years of service life left in them.  That's because every used fire truck Company Two buys is evaluated before we buy it based on a "used fire truck data sheet" filled out by the company selling the truck.  The used fire truck data sheet gives us much more information about the fire truck and thus allows us to purchase the cream of the crop.  When you buy a quality used fire truck from us, you're getting what you pay for.  When considering buying used vs. new, look no further than Company Two, we will sell you a used fire apparatus that will last your department many more years to come.  Don't take our word for it, contact our previous customers!  Just ask us for references and you can contact them directly! 

It is also fair to say our used fire trucks are sold with unparalleled customer satisfaction.  All of Co2 Fire's (owned) used fire trucks come with our signature purchasing perks.  Every used fire truck we sell that has a (pump and or aerial) has been 3rd party tested and certified prior to any sale.  Every Co2 Fire owned fire apparatus comes with a bonded warranty, capped at 10% of the sale price, travel reimbursement, new pump and/or aerial certification and free delivery.  As you can see, our services and our used fire trucks are clearly not "typical" used fire trucks.  Ask our customers that have actually used our warranty and confirm with them that we stand behind our trucks and our warranty!  Just ask for references and you can contact them directly! 

If your department is looking for a cheap used fire truck, we might not be the right people to talk to.  We don't sell cheap fire apparatus.  But if you want to purchase or lease a quality used fire apparatus that will last your Fire Department years to come, then give us a call and start "getting what you pay for."  Please call Quincy Jones or Adam Wilvert today to get started!  Toll Free at 866.289.6188


Does your department need to sell a used fire truck?  List and advertise your used fire truck with us for FREE!  Company Two has a dedicated Discount Brokerage team to consult with and help your department get the most for your used fire apparatus. Company Two Fire also accepts used fire apparatus trade-ins.  Call Adam today to get started! (866) 289-6188


Need to lease or rent an ARFF or Fire Apparatus?  We can help your department every step of the way.  We can supply your department with the equipment needed for long or short term emergencies.  Company Two has the largest fleet of emergency vehicles for lease or rent in the industry.  Click HERE for available lease options. 


Click HERE to visit our Ebay Online Store  to find ARFF parts, Fire truck parts, Fire body's, Pumps, Poly Tanks, & other miscellaneous mechanical parts that may be hard to find.   Company Two Fire has a wide range of equipment for sale and we will be listing it all via our online store.  Credit card and Pay Pal accepted as payment.

Used Fire Trucks For Sale

Used Fire Trucks


Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Trucks also known as ARFF Trucks is our specialty. Crash Truck Services at Company Two Fire is now able to handle all your ARFF truck servicing needs. Our team can come to your fire department for service work, or we can ship your ARFF trucks to us! Call us today!

Used ARFF Trucks


Oshkosh - E-One - Snozzle
Det Engines-Allison Transmissions-Power Dividers
Chassis & Axles parts - Hubs - Cab & Body parts
Complete Used Turrets & Parts- Pumps
Emergency Lighting
E-One Titan & HPR Series ARFFs
Complete Drive train assembly's 
585 HP Det & 1000 HP Det Dsl
Allison Auto Trans - Twin Disc Trans (elect issue)
Complete T-Case Assembly - Durst & Cushman PD Parts
Complete Axle & Hub assembly for both HPR & Titan
Water & Foam Tanks
Complete Snozzle or Misc Snozz parts
"All parts are used unless otherwise stated"
New Michelin Tires @ Discounted Prices
 Call for pricing shipped direct to your area !!! 

Call Us Toll Free
(866) 289-6188

 Used Fire Apparatus



"Dear Quincy,

We recently learned from Ziggy Lawrence that he was headed South for personal reasons and that he would be passing reasonably close to your faciity.  He suggested that he would be willing to swing by and visit with you.  The Town of Albion would like to formally express our sincere appreciation for the courteous and professional manner with which you handled our recent 1991 E-One pumper transaction.

As a very part-time Board of Selectmen, we often do not have the time or opportunity to reflect or follow up on transacted business, but rather find ourselves caught up with other pressing Town demands.  But, your fairness in working with us to resolve our operational needs for the Albion Volunteer Fire Dept. was outstanding and truly deserves special recognition and thanks.

The Town is very pleased with the truck and you have certainly earned our trust and confidence when it comes time to search for future fire apparatus.  It's reassuring for a small town like Albion to know there is a reliable vendor out there whose word we know can be taken to the bank."
- Sincerely, Albion Selectboard 

"Your straightforward website made it very simple to view your inventory and verify specifications for each of the apparatus.  The size of your inventory made it easy to find a rescue engine to fit our needs.  Thank you for the hospitality when we visited your facility.  From assisting with travel arrangements, to transportation from the airport, viewing the apparatus was effortless on our part. 

Trust me, we were very satisfied with your service and have let everyone know that.  I even put you on our website.  Company Two will definitely be our first choice in the future."
Chief Delaney, Sturgeon Volunteer Fire Department 



1996 KME Rural Pumper Tanker

This used fire truck is in mint condition and is available now.  This used fire apparatus was purchased from a local South Carolina Fire Department and all maintenance records are available.  This used fire truck for sale comes loaded with equipment and features a 1200 gallon poly tank, a 1500 gpm side mount Waterous pump, a 320 hp Cummins diesel engine with approximately 40K miles on it.  Fore more info on this used fire truck, please click here:  VIDEO.
Used Fire Trucks

1991 (2012 Refurb) International E-One Rescue

This used fire truck for sale is a 1991 (2012 Refurb) International E-One Rescue.  This used fire truck has a 16ft walk around E-One fire body, a Navistar 230hp diesel engine with an Allison auto trans.  Truck has 26k miles on it, new tires and wheels, new paint and NFPA striping.  A 12Kw Onan diesel generator will come with the truck.  Please call for details toll free: 866-289-6188.

Used Fire Apparatus

Company Two Fire's New Facility

Company Two Fire has moved to our new location in Varnville South Carolina!  We have the largest selection of used fire trucks under one roof in the entire country!  With our new 40,000 square foot facility, all of our used fire trucks and all of our used ARFF trucks are stored indoors as seen below and are ready for your inspection!  Feel free to drop by UNANNOUNCED!   Please click here for  driving directions  and come see why most of our used fire truck and used ARFF truck sales are from repeat customers! 

 Used Fire Trucks

 Used Fire Apparatus