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Sell Your Truck

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fill out our online truck data submission form.  If you have any questions while filling out this form, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at:  866-289-6188.

We are a used fire truck dealer as well as a free listing broker with over 20 years of experience in the business.  Our expertise gives us the tools to help you sell your used fire truck fast and for top dollar!  We advertise our trucks in the "big three" fire publications monthly as well as having heavy traffic on our website and social media websites which all adds up to the most exposure for your truck!  All absolutely free!  

Here at Company Two Fire, we know that selling your used fire truck can seem like a complicated task.  That's why we make the process as simple as possible for you and your Fire Department.  The used fire truck market is nothing like the used car market.  There is no Kelly Blue Book value on used fire trucks, which in turn, can leave you wondering where to start the process.

What can Company Two do for you? We can offer your department two options when you are ready to sell your used fire truck.

Option 1Option 2
Let us help you sell it!  We will list your used fire truck absolutely free.  All advertising costs paid by us.  No percentage of your net money is taken out of the sale price like other brokers, no hidden fees, and no out of pocket cost to your fire department.  You tell us what price you will accept for your used fire truck, and that price is what you will get when we find a buyer.  This option is the most viable way to get the best retail price for your truck.Sell your used fire truck direct to us!  If your truck is a 1990 model or newer, we may be interested in making you an offer to purchase your used fire truck outright.  Please keep in mind, in order for us to make a profit, we must buy your truck at a good price.  Which means, our offer will be considerably lower than the retail market price for your truck.  However, if you need your truck gone now, this is the fastest way to sell your used fire truck.

To get started, please complete this form to the best of your knowledge and a member of or team will contact you shortly.

Customer Information

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# Cab Seating:
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Engine Make:
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Transmission Make:
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Pump Make:
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Discharges (Number and Size):

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Suctions (Number and Size):

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Booster Reels:

Check All that Apply:

Electric ReelsHydraulic Reels
Light TowerCascade System
Air ConditioningAutomatic Tire Chains
Federal Q SirenJake Brake
Pump Heat PanLED Lighting
Telescoping LightsBreathing Air (aerials only)
Ground LaddersAluminium Hose Bed Cover
Interior EMS Cabinet Hydraulic Ladder Rack
Arrow Stick 


Height :
Wheelbase :

Additional Features or Loose Equipment:

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Authorization & Owner Verification

* Agent/Owner of said apparatus certifies that all the information provided to Company Two Fire is accurate and shall not hold Company Two Fire liable for errors made in the above apparatus submission form.  Agent/Owner also certifies that they are the legal owner or authorized seller of the above mentioned apparatus.

Listing Agreement

This is an agreement between the seller and Company Two Fire.  Company Two Fire agrees to advertise the above apparatus on our website free of charge as well as other social media websites and various mediums.  All serious inquires submitted to Company Two Fire by a prospective buyer will be presented to the authorized seller of said apparatus in writing.  Seller agrees to pay Company Two Fire any moneys over the above mentioned bottom dollar sale price of apparatus within 10 days of the sale.  This is not an exclusive contract, the Agent/ Owner may sell the apparatus on their own to a buyer not previously presented to the seller by Company Two Fire with no fees or penalties.  If Agent/Owner sells said apparatus on their own, seller agrees to notify Company Two Fire, at time of sale, as to the sale price and the name and address of the buyer.  Agent/Owner acknowledges failure to provide this information will result in fees payable to Company Two Fire as if the lead was referred by Company Two Fire and sold at the listed price.  Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying the other party in writing.  If any sale takes place subsequent to termination, to a lead previously refereed by Company Two Fire, then Agent/Owner agrees to pay a ten percent commission on the sale price of said apparatus. 

* I agree to the above listing agreement and advertising terms.

The more information you can provide us, the better equipped we will be in marketing your truck!